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Hi, I'm Angela 

Intentional by Choice. 

Results that Matter.

Your Choices 

Control your Life

Lead with Quality. Win with Results. Start with YOU. 

Your choices control your business, your waistline, your bank balance, your career, your distractions, your day, your relationships, your LIFE.


Choice is POWER. Choose smarter, 


Speaker. Trainer.


The world NEEDS quality leaders providing powerful solutions. I'm on a mission to help leaders to elevate quality through self mastery and innovative solutions.

Let's choose to start with the most challenging member of your team, YOU. 

I'll never forgot how I learned the importance of making smart choices.  When I was 4 years old, I met Pinocchio at the Drive-In, large as life. I watched as Pinocchio, chose to go with boys who tricked and lied him. They pretended to be his friends.  With tears streaming down my face, I yelled to Pinocchio...NO, NO.  I was scared for my new friend, Pinocchio.  I didn't want him to be tricked and not able to go home.  I knew I had to be a good girl, be smarter and make better choices. I never wanted to be tricked like Pinocchio.  I promised  myself that I wouldn't let myself be tricked, even if it looked like fun and adventure. I wouldn't get trapped.  I had to look out for me and I had to help my friends too.  Developing the skill set of making smarter choices has proven an amazing success strategy. 


Today, I work with leaders, looking for sustainable solutions to achieve better results and who are ready to make better choices. 

I learned I prefer to work smarter rather than harder. I choose more free time, less stress, and better options,


Is choosing smarter solutions right for you? 

Are you prepared to confidently lead the most challenging member of your team? Even if that team member that is the one that looks back at you in the mirror? 

Would you like to be unapologetically comfortable with your choices? 


  Want better results?


Systematically align core values, wants, needs, goals, decisions, and negotiations

to significantly up level to create GREAT results. 


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Obstacle Elimination

Time Management: The Myth

Lead the most challenging member of your team: YOU

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