Lead Smarter

 The BEST Leaders: CREATE phenomenal results because they

KNOW Themselves, TRUST Themselves and MANAGE Themselves better first.

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Angela Chute 

Authentic Compass Inc

Authentic Compass Inc started in 2013 specializing in leadership development for sustainable success. 


We Build leaders who elevate quality, through self mastery to create sustainable innovative solutions.

Lead with Quality. Win with Results. Succeed with Confidence. 


Honest, transparent communication, commitment to your Solutions and dedication to your personal growth.

Our 7 pillar success approach:  Clarity, Confidence, Trust, Core Values, Innovation, Strategy & Implementation.

Angela is an Adult Enrichment Program Coordinator turned Human Resource Assistant turned Claims Manager turned Certified Insurance Councilor turned Division Director turned Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach. 

Angela has public sector, private sector, and non-profit, experience working with their most valuable assets, people.  The knowledge she gained while hiring, firing, training, team development, and especially helping people identify, face and fix serious issues prepared her to help YOU.   

It's far more rewarding to train leaders with quality to BE the change required, to be innovative solution creators than remain that GO-TO Answer person  in the corner office.  Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Angela is prepared to help YOU.

Who I Help

Ambitious Leaders that realize long term better results requires a fresh quality LEADER willing to sustainably create innovative solutions that keep up with quickly changing times.    

How I Do It

Quality training: Workshops, Seminars, Masterminds, Webinars

Value rich content,

engaging interactive opportunities. 


What's in It for You

Self Mastery

A Higher Quality Leader 

Smarter Choice Maker

An Innovative Solutions Creator

Better Results. Sustainable Success.